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MSTF is a Teacher forums for those who teach Mathematics and Science at secondary school level. This forum was basically meant for the teachers of Dakshina kannada District (Mangalore) -> Karnataka state -> India. However, now there is no such restriction of zone. Any teacher of any district can join. Website is formed under the guidance of DIET – Mangalore and a team of teacher personnel.

Our Main goals and objectives are,

  1. Encourage the use of information technology in the classroom teaching.
  2. Empower teachers with more resources for their subjects, more support for better outcome.
  3. To create the idea pool for enriched content creation.
  4. Solve pedagogical and classroom related problems.
  5. Enable teachers to share their views and ideas with others.
  6. To provide moral support and appreciation in the tasks teachers need to perform.
  7. To create awareness among the teachers about the national interest if Education.
  8. To provide departmental information in relation to service and profession.
  9. To help individual teachers in developing IT skills.
  10. To influence the teachers in their professional growth and achievements.
  11. To motivate and to provide tools for increasing efficiencies in teaching Science and mathematics.


​ and related groups or forums includes teachers from Government, Private and Private under the government aid schools. We do not associate/ represent / include any tutorials, private academies or firms unless expressly stated or delared about such association with any particular party or body.

However, the members of DIET, Colleges and some remarkable scholars and wellwishers may be included in the group solely on the self descretion of web admin and also under the permission of authorities related to MSTF.

It is only for the learning/Teaching purpose, the contents are published on this site. The contents published on this site is checked against copyright.  Sharing links of external resources does not account for our liability, as those linked contents are not under our control. And anyoner can find them online. Any such links on site does not mean / intend / represent any association with the linked party.

The posted contents are the responsibility/property of the person posting it. Once posted, the site automatically acquires the right to retain such contents. In the event of copyright infringement, the person who posted the content will be held responsible. However, upon notification (or intimation)  by the authorised and rightful conent owner, such contents will be removed from (Such claim of ownership may require additional verification)

Any reproduction of the content of this site in any media/form for commercial or publication purposes is strictly prohibited. 


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