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You need to be the member of mstfmangalore at googlegroups to use these resources. S1_Level_E_Ch1_Whole_Numbers.pps 993 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch10_Length_Perimeter_Area.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch11_Linear_patterns.pps 2 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch12_Angles.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch13_Special_Numbers.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch14_Drawing_Triangles.pps 629 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch15_Ratios.pps 149 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch16_Volumes.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch17_Scaled_Drawings.pps 3 MB   View   Download S1_Level_E_Ch18_Quadrilaterals.pps 715 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch19_Circles.pps 283 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch2_Decimal_Numbers.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S4_General_Symmetry_TJ_Chapter3.pps 523 KB   View   Download   S5_Int2_Calculating_Percentages.pps 953 KB   View   Download   S5_Int2_Volume.pps 723 KB   View   Download   SG_Trig_Summary.pps 110 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch3_Time.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch4_Money_Foreign_Exchange.pps 704 KB   View   Download       S1_Level_E_Ch6_Fractions.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch7_Symmetry.pps 629 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch8_Algebra.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch9_Statistics.pps 4 MB   View   Download   S3_General_Chapter4_Percentage.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S3_perimeter_foundation.pps 196 KB   View   Download   S3_Rectangle_foundation.pps 236 KB   View   Download   S3_scales_foundation.pps 127 KB   View   Download     S3_scales_harder_foundation.pps 110 KB   View   Download   S3_Tables_Charts_foundation.pps 247 KB   View   Download   S3_VAT_Calulations_foundation.pps 188 KB   View   Download   S4_General_Integers_TJ_Chapter1.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S3_Fractions_and_Percentages.pps 195 KB   View   Download   S3_General_Chapter2_TJ_Angles.pps 2 MB   View   Download   S3_General_Chapter3_TJ_Decimals_Numbers.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Numeracy_Team_P7_S1.pps 2 […]

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MSTF is a Teacher forums for those who teach Mathematics and Science at secondary school level. This forum was basically meant for the teachers of Dakshina kannada District (Mangalore) -> Karnataka state -> India. However, now there is no such restriction of zone. Any teacher of any district can join. MSTF.in Website is formed under the guidance of DIET – Mangalore and a team of teacher personnel. Our Main goals and objectives are, Encourage the use of information technology in the classroom teaching. Empower teachers with more resources for their subjects, more support for better outcome. To create the idea pool for enriched content creation. Solve pedagogical and classroom related problems. Enable teachers to share their views and ideas with others. To provide moral support and appreciation in the tasks teachers need to perform. To create awareness among the teachers about the national interest if Education. To provide departmental information in […]