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This forum is designed to be used by the members of Maths and science teachers’ forum recognized by the association of assistant teachers belonging to the Department of Public Instruction, Government (of states) of India. This site forum is initially recognised with the Maths and Science Teachers of Karnataka.

The forum gives the provision for sharing Ideas and pedagogical aspects in these forums which may improve efficiencies in teaching of Maths and Science in the class room. However, the provision may be used by the members in any manner shall never be considered as the opinions /interests of the site itself, unless it is stated or referred so. This is because of the limitations arising in moderating the contents posted by each individual at any point of time in this forum is beyond the scope of monitoring. Therefore, no administrator, moderator, representative or anyone who is involved in providing/managing these forums shall be held responsible for any errors, inappropriateness, incompleteness, social/religious/communal/philosophical/ consequences arising due to the contents posted by any member, administrator or guest in the forums.

Yet we will continue to filter any inappropriate content – time to time – without giving any express guarantee of any nature.

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