Welcome to Mangalore Subject Teachers’ Forum aka, Maths – Science Teachers’ Forum.

This is a forum page for pedagogical subjects such as Maths, Arts, Economics and Science . (This is not a forum-cms or forum script).

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These forums were initially created for giving a platform for teachers to appear and share the ICT related work, ideas, academic work, projects and resources. These were very much focussed to the use of computers and related IT resources for building and sharing contents. This forum was not focussed on mere discussions of intellect, but to create awareness.

Later, by the onset of social discussion platforms, the ease of communication and feasibility of handheld devices made the teachers involve more actively on those platforms. However, most of the shared content remained unorganized and un-indexed over time.

MSTF presence assumes the need of more organised setup for carrying out complex tasks with ease.

Making online classes seems to be the basic need of future education. This does not mean everything should be online. But this certainly means that online classes, conferences, realtime rendering of content, evaluation etc are not any luxury but are the basic needs of emerging modernity and new normal.

Therefore, just being involved in various entertaining social activities, a gradual curve may need to be taken towards formal ICT based activities for serious pedagogy and resourceful content creation.