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Comments Off on Maths presentation files by Mr. Tharanath Achar.

You need to be the member of mstfmangalore at googlegroups to use these resources. S1_Level_E_Ch1_Whole_Numbers.pps 993 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch10_Length_Perimeter_Area.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch11_Linear_patterns.pps 2 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch12_Angles.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch13_Special_Numbers.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch14_Drawing_Triangles.pps 629 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch15_Ratios.pps 149 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch16_Volumes.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch17_Scaled_Drawings.pps 3 MB   View   Download S1_Level_E_Ch18_Quadrilaterals.pps 715 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch19_Circles.pps 283 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch2_Decimal_Numbers.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S4_General_Symmetry_TJ_Chapter3.pps 523 KB   View   Download   S5_Int2_Calculating_Percentages.pps 953 KB   View   Download   S5_Int2_Volume.pps 723 KB   View   Download   SG_Trig_Summary.pps 110 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch3_Time.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch4_Money_Foreign_Exchange.pps 704 KB   View   Download       S1_Level_E_Ch6_Fractions.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch7_Symmetry.pps 629 KB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch8_Algebra.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Level_E_Ch9_Statistics.pps 4 MB   View   Download   S3_General_Chapter4_Percentage.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S3_perimeter_foundation.pps 196 KB   View   Download   S3_Rectangle_foundation.pps 236 KB   View   Download   S3_scales_foundation.pps 127 KB   View   Download     S3_scales_harder_foundation.pps 110 KB   View   Download   S3_Tables_Charts_foundation.pps 247 KB   View   Download   S3_VAT_Calulations_foundation.pps 188 KB   View   Download   S4_General_Integers_TJ_Chapter1.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S3_Fractions_and_Percentages.pps 195 KB   View   Download   S3_General_Chapter2_TJ_Angles.pps 2 MB   View   Download   S3_General_Chapter3_TJ_Decimals_Numbers.pps 1 MB   View   Download   S1_Numeracy_Team_P7_S1.pps 2 […]